Children & Family


Want to learn more about Posing, Lighting, Camera Settings, Post Production, Sales, Marketing, relation to Photographing Children & Families?  Then this ONLINE Summit is for YOU!

10% of Registrations will be donated to PPA Charities to support their efforts Globally.  


Brittany Gidley - The Power of Play

Tracy Bosworth Page - Setting up for Fine Art!  

Zara Ashby - Families in 90 Minutes

Rudi Marten - The Power of Giving Back: How to Fill Your Schedule by Helping Non-Profits Raise Money

Kay Eskridge - Terrific Tween Photography

Kim Ackerman - Concept Children's Sessions

Shea Swinford - Helpful Tips so you can Anticipate the Play

Annie Wagar - Seeing Families Beyond the Lens: Ways to Tell Your Clients' Stories Unposed and Unscripted.

Bert Behnke - Making Group Posing Easy!

Sandy Puc - Killer Marketing for Epic Success

Clark Sanders - PPA Charities Family Portrait Season

Elizabeth Homan - Creating Timeless Family Portraits


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