We brought together over 20 educators to participate in a 24 hour streaming event which gave expert lessons on senior photography. As one of the biggest profit drivers for a local studio, we felt it was very valuable to deliver top quality content so that you could hit the ground running come senior season and turn your studio into a portrait machine.



Andrew Funderburg - Discovering Client Stories

Brian Demint - Color Theory

CJ Bryant - Adding Destination Sessions to Boost Your Studio Revenue

Craig Stidham - Modern Studio

Darty Hines - Three Hours Later

Donovan Janus - Making the Most of 17hats

Jeff & Lori Poole - Take Charge of Your Income

Jen Hellinga - Posing Tips and Tricks

Lori Nordstrom - Profiting From Your Seniors All Year

Mark Bryant - Senior Sports Portraits

Matthew "The Body" Kemmetmueller - Complete Guide to Direct Mailing

Melanie Anderson - Behind the Scenes Extreme Edits

Melanie Anderson - Video

Melissa Escaro & Paul Pruitt - Super Charge Your Senior Influence

Michael Mowbray - 12 Ways to Rock OCF

Nate Grahek - Simple Marketing Tactics That Stick

Scott Robert Lim - Run and Gun Lighting

Shawn Lee - Thinking Outside the Box

The Martens - Overcoming Sales Objectives

Tomayia Colvin - The Power of Personal Projects

Ty Fischer - Self Employed or Self Enslaved?




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