They say...

A picture is worth a thousand words...imagine how many "words" a video is worth?

Learn from Industry Experts how video has impacted their businesses, client experiences and their profits.  Get ready for an entire day of tips and tricks on how to incorporate video into your studio.  



Amanda Pratt - Add Video to Your Photography Business

Anesha Collins - Focused & Sharper Footage

Anne Moshier McCabe - Senior FIlms

Ben Hartley - Talking Tech: The 5 Rules to Making Videos That Don't Suck

Bradley Feinberg - Special Effects for Marketing Videos

Christine Tremoulet - The Power of Story in Marketing Your Business

Cindy James & James McLeod - Droning 101

Jesse Henderson - 6 Figures in Less Than 3 Years With Video

Teri Fode - The New Black in Marketing



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