Newborns and Maternity
Do you want to learn how to photograph Maternity with proper lighting and posing? Do you want to know how to wrap newborns and get them to sleep and keep them asleep. Do you want to know how to maximize sales and what products to offer for your Maternity and Newborn clients. Do you want to learn how to pose and light newborns and create a workflow that is efficient along with a studio management system that works! 



Alison Winterroth - Studio: Setting the Stage for Success

Ana Brandt - Behind The Scenes

Bradley Feinberg-Importance of Email&How to Automate Many of Your Processes

Brittany Gidley - Polished Beanbag Posing

Christie Newell - Catering to Your Clients

Eileen Blume - 4 Steps to a Profitable Low-Stress Newborn Niche

Karen Beagley - Next Level Maternity: Bumps & Business

Lindsey Boler - Creatively Fresh Newborns

Lori Nordstrom - Babies First Year, What to Expect and Products That Sell!

Tanja Melone - The Business of Babies: Baby Plans That Work

Tara Ruby - Finding Your Own Path

Tracy Sweeney - Essentials For Newborn Session Success


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