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Take a step back and focus on your foundation!

How is your lighting, posing, photoshop, marketing, sales, website skills? To be a pro in the industry, you can't forget the basics!  



Al Behnke - Marketing and the Legacy Studio

Bert Behnke - Basic Posing Techniques

CJ Bryant - Planning Destination Shoots

Don Chick - The Portrait Language

Joey Thomas - Worth a FORTUNE But No One Knows?

John Krazmien - How to Build a Killer Photography Website

Josh Fisher - Instagram Vs Snapchat; How to Win on Both Platforms

Kevin Focht - Organic Studio Lighting Basics

Pete Wright - Finding Your Path to Success!

Rodney Getz - Changing the Game; 9 Tips Every Volume Photographer Must Know

Scott Detweiler - Beyond Actions, Supercharging Workflow

Shawn Jones - Rain Stage

Tara Ruby - The Strength of a Good Workflow



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